Profiting From Your List Of Subscribers

In order to make a profit from your list, you need to first start helping your subscribers solve their problems. Prove to them that you have solutions to whatever problems they may be having. If people believe you can help them, they will become much more willing to purchase whatever you offer them.

The profitability of your list will depend on many factors.

1. Your chosen niche – If very few people are interested in your niche, it will be much harder to sell a product or service.

2. The size of your list – If your list is very small, you will have fewer people to market to and to profit from.

3. How targeted the list is – If your list is not very targeted, many of those on your list may not be interested in what you are promoting to them. In addition, if your product appeals mainly to a particular age bracket or even a specific gender, it will be difficult to profit from anyone who do not fit those particular criteria.

4. How often you send an email to your list – If your list rarely hears from you, people will be less likely to open and read any emails you send them and more likely to report your emails as spam.

5. The relationship you have with your list – People are more apt to purchase from those they know and trust, so you need to build a relationship with your subscribers.

6. The knowledge level of your list – If your list consists primarily of new internet marketers, it will be impossible to sell them an advanced email marketing product when they don’t even know the basics. This is why you need to research who your targeted audience is before you even start building your list.

A list enables you to make money in several different ways:

• You can sell your own products to the people on your list.

• You can promote affiliate products.

• You can send your subscribers to your monetized blog.

• If you publish a newsletter or e-zine, you can sell advertising space. While many marketers do this, do this VERY rarely if at all. Your subscribers are looking for information in your niche and may become annoyed if your newsletter contains ads.

• If you have a large and responsive list, you could sell solo ads. If you are not sure what a solo ad is, it is an email sent to your list which contains ONLY a single ad.
However, your advertiser is looking to sell their product or service so they will not advertise with you again unless they get a good response.

Once your subscriber, or anyone else for that matter, purchases a product from you, always followup with a thank you email. Thank them for their purchase and let them know if they have any questions, they can email you. Since most marketers do not do this, you will be not only be building your relationship with your buyers, you may turn them into repeat customers.

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